Monthly Archives: December 2012

Launching the Beta!

Today is a big day for our project–Connecting Presidential Collections is up and running at Although the beta website has been live for about 2 weeks, we are just announcing it today after some last minute tweaking.  We are excited about this first step in what we hope will be a lasting project.

This launch marks the end of our IMLS-funded grant project that we began last year. We will now begin the process of applying for more funding in order to grow the website with more partner organizations and digital collections. We also hope to fine tune the functionality of the site in future development. We recognize that we have learned many lessons in this process (a post soon to follow on that topic–probably more than one), and there are changes or tweaks we would like to make. For example, the facets on the site are currently not very helpful to users because of the varied metadata from partners. We will need to work to standardize facets so that they can be consistently applied across the metadata and produce meaningful differences that users can facet on.

But for today, we will bask in our beta, warts and all!