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Busy week with much more coming….

Last Thursday and Friday, the Miller Center hosted the IMLS Summit Meeting in support of this project. We brought together a very interesting group of people with a variety of professional interests–digital humanities, documentary editing, history, library/information science, archives, and education. It was an exhausting but very stimulating and thought-inspiring two days. I am still working on processing the topics, the discussions, and the conclusions. I will be back to update this blog about some of the main points we focused on and some of our points of agreement as well as open questions.

Stay tuned!


Countdown to the Summit Meeting

The Summit Meeting, discussed in a previous post, is going to take place two weeks from tomorrow. We have been very busy getting ready for it. The meeting agenda is finalized, and I am going to send it out to participants early next week. I have been working with partners to get samples data from their collections in order to have some examples to discuss at the meeting. And I have been spending a lot of time on logistics and budget, ordering the food, figuring out accommodations, and coordinating the various people.

I am very excited about bringing together a group of people to spend two days thinking through and discussing various aspects of the project. It will be beneficial to get their various perspectives and tap into their vast stores of knowledge about archives, digitization, aggregation, and research approaches. I imagine that we will cover a lot of material but I am also prepared for having as many questions asked as answered. I do not expect that we will make final decisions on all points considered, and I anticipate finishing the meeting with many open issues. But I also hope that we will have grappled with many of the big questions around this project and leave excited and inspired by what it could become.

The Summit Meeting

In May, we will be hosting the Summit Meeting for our IMLS-grant project. The Summit Meeting is one of the main parts of our grant, and it brings together a collection of people in the world of libraries, museums, government agencies, and digital humanities to think about our project, talk about a variety of issues, and help guide us down what we hope will be a successful path.

The Summit Meeting participants include archivists, documentary editors, professors in information sciences, and digital humanities gurus. I am still working on the final meeting agenda for our Summit Meeting but I envision this talent group of individuals helping us think through policies for our partners, digitization/preservation standards, technological recommendations, user interface suggestions, presidential collections knowledge, scholarly considerations, and much more.